Monday, February 22, 2010

it all comes together in the end.

the other day i was feeling slightly...indulgent. i dived head first into a 'full fat' version of red velvet cake. there is something about the RED [favorite!] and the smoothness of the cake that makes me want to gobble the entireeee thing down in one sitting [and then probably go to 6 step&pump classes and 3 iron reps classes at the gym]. all afternoon, while hanging out with the hubby, i was psyching myself up for this didn't take much though. i was soooo pumped!

there is no lying, i have a massive sweet tooth...and i think you can find it somewhere between my mouth and my willpower. it has a hard time deciding who to be good friends with. most of the time there is a good compromise and i either find lower fat/healthier dessert recipes or i modify original recipes myself. but on saturday, i threw caution to the wind and went for the reallll deallll.

here we go!!


yeah..that's all the pictures i got out of this one.
i got a bit flustered and forgot about the camera ):

a couple of steps in, i realized that i only had 1 of the 4 tablespoons of red food coloring that was needed. i got so frazzled and went into a mini panic session. i knew that i could make the cake without the food coloring and it would taste just like normal but that wasn't the point! i looooved the red and i was splurging on the real version of the cake and i'm sorry but i'll be damned if it didn't turn out right! in walks josh wondering what the commotion is all about and bless his heart, though he doesn't understand my freaking out, he becomes my hero and volunteers to run down the street to safeway and pick me up some more food coloring! i love him so much!!!!

so he comes home and i continue and minus the lack of camera, all goes well!

ready to go with some deeeelicious cream cheese frosting ['light version]

topped with a bit of toasted coconut and...

ta da!! soooo good.
a finished cake and a happy husband!
and HA. who am i kidding? a happy julie too!

i don't have much else to say right now so i'll just share this:

God is Love.
Every person, beginning with me, is worthy of receiving Love.
My true identity is Love.
The greatest gift I can give anyone is Love.
Every thought, word, act and expression motivated by Love matters.

[to me this is convicting and inspiring. what does it do for you?]

valentines day flowers from the hubby - still going strong!


  1. I made red velvet cake last Thursday... I like to bake sweets for everyone to enjoy buuut My roomies do not appreciate it(bc they basically ate the whole thing)!! Your cake looked deeeelicous and totally worth the extra calories :)

  2. my sweet tooth will be the death of me...but i'm ok with that. i love the lillies in your flowers :-)

  3. 1) The toasted coconut took this red velvet goodness over the edge. Love it.
    2) You remind me of truth. Thank you.