Monday, December 14, 2009

light in the dark

ikea christmas tree

i work out so i can carry trees.

the dog gives hugs.

lights. camera. action.

jingle bells on the tree.


close up.

pre-Christmas party on 12-12-09

we've been married just over 4 months now.
what. a. whirlwind.

[obviously] i've never experienced anything like marriage.
i feel like i've said it before but it's truly one of the most challenging things i've ever experienced. but don't be fooled. the challenge is what makes it beautiful. i have never seen such a clear picture of what reconciliation looks like. the conflicts are hard but when our relationship is restored, it's such a deep feeling of love and commitment. yesterday was such a difficult day for josh and i but at the end of the day when we were saying good night to one another i realized that because of the trials of the day, i had fallen deeper in love with the man in front of me.

marriage is such a wake up call...makes me realize how much the Lord forgives us.
two words: "yikes" and "grace"

josh and i travel to kansas in exactly two weeks. i cannot tell you just how excited i am for this to be happening in such a short time. i need this trip. i need to be surrounded by those who i know and love and those who know and love me. when you find yourself lacking community, the need for it really hits you hard.

josh and i have been doing so much talking and dreaming about life and the future.
where we'll be. what we'll do. who we'll be with. will small humans be with us?
calgary is not a permanent place for us. we knew that when we moved here.
it's a temporary place for us and i think we're BOTH looking forward to the next season.

have i mentioned that it's COLD here? if not, let me share. it's COLD.
wind chill lately [and today] is close to -30 fahrenheit.
you know what i hate most about the cold? it's not the limbs going numb or anything.
it's how everything in your nose just BAM. freezes instantly. gross.

christmas is in less than 2 weeks.
here's to focusing on baby Jesus and the live He grew up and lived.
what a beautiful life.

"this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you:
that God is light and in Him there is no darkness"
1 john 1:5

time after time, i fail at following this light.
oh gosh. i need God's grace.

i hope the holidays find you well.
may we all come to a greater understanding of
peace and love and grace and hope and joy.

love, julie