Friday, September 4, 2009

wish i had plans.

apartment searching has the potential to ruin a persons brain.
seriously. it's like a brain numbing process.
everything looks the same after a while which isn't good.

josh and i are believing that there is a good place out there for us but at times, it's hard to keep up the motivation to KEEP looking. it's pretty sad when you've practically memorized the listings on 3 different sites. oh man.

josh has been working for one week now. he says that the days pass by really quick which is a blessing considering he's working a little bit of overtime each day. however, i think he's pretty pumped for his first paycheck. i'm so proud of him...he really is fantastic. takes such good care of me too.

my favorite part of the day is picking him up after work at the train station. [thank God for public transportation - it helps us a lot in a city like this] he's so cute (:

there's a gym here. it's called SpaLady. [awesome, yes?] it's an all female gym and there are 3 locations in the calgary area. i'm hoping that our cute, awesome, great, fantastic, homey new place is close to one of their gyms. it'd be sweet. their classes look good. however, is SpaLady doesn't work out, there's always the good fallback of GoodLife Fitness.

what is my life coming to?! i'm blogging about the GYM.

cher is on the ellen show.
i wish i was cher.
i kid, i kid.
but really. i'd pay good money to see her show.

i live with 3 cats right now. i have actually come to not mind 2 of them.
if any of you out there know of any cats that do NOT shed, let me know.
maybe i'll invest in one of those!

ok. now for REAL. what is my life coming to?!
i'm saying i'd buy a CAT?!
for those of you that know me pretty well, you'll know how BIG that is

i'll leave you with this very classy picture.
quite typical. my dad golfing. me...who knows.
[ps - you can't tell but my dress is unzipped. let me remind you of how HOT it was that day...heat index was over 105. i needed to uh, excuse me, air out and apparently adjust myself. i am the classiest...]

be well my friends.

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