Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He's always a step ahead.

josephine, the little ugandan girl that i once dreamed of having my daughter and living with me in the States is being adopted by the amazing mayernick family that resides in the nashville, tennessee area.

their first ugandan court date was supposed to be yesterday morning in kampala.
it was pushed back 2 weeks.

they took that sweet little girl in for her medical examination that's needed for the adoption process. i don't even know how to do this because it absolutely breaks my heart to write this but one of the tests performed was an HIV test and it came back positive.

it breaks my heart that her little body has had to fight this for who knows how long now without any help from the amazing medicines out there. it frustrates me that she lacked the medical attention she needed from those that could offer it so easily. i am thankful for the mayernick's that are physically walking this road with josie and for all of those out there that are walking the emotional and spiritual road with them.

i've seen God heal people before my eyes. i don't doubt that God could heal her precious body of such an evil disease. however, even if a complete healing doesn't happen, the presence of God is not made smaller, if anything, it is only enhanced. for where evil is trying to win, God is already there, fighting a bigger battle. may we all trust God to work in her body and be the Conqueror we know he is.

i would give anything to hold josie in my arms right now and kiss her.
but i can't. so i pray.

i sit here and i pray.
i pray for her body.
i pray for the mayernick family.
i pray for the court system in uganda that the adoption process wouldn't be slowed down.
i pray for guidance.
i pray that joy would come each and ever morning for all of those involved.

God, we pray you would show up in all of your mighty Glory.

i don't know what else to write.
hope and sadness and love and peace are overwhelming my heart right now.

God of peace, be near.


  1. Can't even imagine all the different emotions that must be running through you right now. I certainly don't want to say anything in an attempt to "make it better," but do know we are thinking of you and little Josephine.

  2. aw julie. this breaks my heart. i have always adored that picture of her resting on you. she was so lucky to have you as a second mommy as a baby and now she is lucky to have a family fighting for her to have a happy normal life. thinking of you...keep us updated

  3. I love your words here Julie..they really resonate with things i'm learning as well. I have no doubt that He is able to fight the darkness in her body.
    Sending the light of love her way...