Tuesday, March 9, 2010

small things.

here's a newflash that's not new to many:

marriage is hard.
marriage takes more effort than the typical human WANTS to put forward.
marriage is a blessing that God has GOOD intentions for.
marriage breaks me down EVERY day.
marriage takes you to the lowest low and highest mountain.
marriage is a teacher who REFUSES to let you settle.
marriage must have its CENTER in the life of Christ...or it will fail.
marriage is being loved when NOTHING you do or say is loveable.
marriage is walking through life with your BEST FRIEND beside you.
marriage is a picture of Christ.

i really want Christ to be more and me to be less.
teach me Jesus.

[[bronze summer loving in uganda 2008]]

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  1. I wonder when, or if, it ever gets easier. Like, do you fall in to a groove or something? Like I said...I am five years in and sometimes its just as hard, i not harder than that insane first year of marriage. Started my morning off yelling at Will for waking up the baby and then unkind words were exchanged as he walked out the door...I never thought we would be capable of such mean (and um high schoolish haha) things. He is my best friend and I wouldn't want a life without him...but oh...the low mountians wear me down sometimed!