Friday, August 6, 2010

it's unknown but it's also okay.

i just don't understand things sometimes. and i know that's okay. and i know it's part of life. but that doesn't mean contentment comes automatically, right?

josh and i had such a good grasp of what life would look like for us in the near future. but then...all of a sudden, we think something changed.

being in calgary is coming to a close, we both know that.
but we don't know where we'll be after calgary.

africa is always an option.
kansas city is always an option.
the northwest is always an option.

we could flippantly choose any of these but we want guidance.
we want there to be purpose & reason behind our move.

when we got married, we were obviously very aware that we came from different countries. but it's a whole new reality when we actually come to face the music: we have to go through immigration. i admit that we have avoided actually acknowledging this but it's rearing it's ugly little head lately. it is inevitable that we'll have to go through the immigration process for either him or i. it's unavoidable. so we have to pretty much make the decision of "when". now or later? africa first or usa first? maybe there is a compromise. maybe we can get the best of both worlds.

we are seeking direction. we are exploring. we are coming to terms that life may look different than we imagined it would...even from 2 weeks ago. we are praying. we'd love for you to join us.


after being gone for 2 1/2 weeks, i returned to calgary tuesday evening.
so many good good things happened in my travels.

this love of my life got engaged to the love[r] of her life:

this love of my life got married to the love[r] of her life:

{what a blessing to be part of that share in their JOY}

i'm thankful that people i love and miss got to spend TIME together

thankful to spend a week away from everything in florida with this one:

and now we're back. here in the great north.
seeking and waiting and anticipating.

my mom comes on sunday for a week. we're going to beautiful british columbia. i'm so thankful that joshs job has allowed him such flexibility and that they have such a sweet vacation time pay system. so thankful for that blessing.

oh. and did i mention that tomorrow is our one year anniversary of marriage?
what an intense year.
growing. learning. struggling. patience. awakening. fun.
tomorrow we'll celebrate by spending the day in banff, alberta.
can't wait. he's the best husband i could ever ever have.
[and he's really really handsome]


  1. one year already?!? wow, time flies.....

    and my baby will be a year old next month!


  2. congrats on the one year - sorry its a bit late! I watched the movie "The Proposal" and thought of you and josh : ) (I sure hope you've seen it..such a cute movie!)

    love you both!