Tuesday, July 13, 2010

it's the same.

there are situations in life where i don't seem to be able to find words to express my sympathy...my empathy...my confusion...my deep deep sorrow.

i find that this song has helped me express this event

sometimes all i can seem to think or say is 'may Gods love be with you'
and i mean it from the very depths of my heart.

people read of news stories like this and they don't really give it much thought. i will admit that i am slightly biased towards anything that comes out of uganda but i will say that i find something to be a bit off when an AM news radio station spends 20 seconds talking about bombings in uganda and then spends 4 or 5 minutes talking about a pancake feed that is happening.

my dad put it all too well when he said
"it's there. and we're here. it's another world for most people unfortunately."

dad, you've got it. it is viewed as a separate world. a different planet. most find that it doesn't bother them, that they can very easily separate and remove themselvesselves from things like this. aren't we supposed to 'weep with those who weep'? aren't we at least supposed to attempt to connect with their suffering and their burdens?

i don't have the answers to all of these things. not in any way. but i do know that Jesus cares about what happens in our neighborhoods and what happens all over the world. and that means we need to learn to care. deeply, genuinely, unselfishly.

josh and i continue to explore what life may look like in a couple of months. slowly we're getting [we think] a clearer picture of what may be coming our way. we are excited! nothing is set in stone right now but when things become a bit more definite, we'll be happy to share details. until then, we pray. we hope. we seek.

i leave in less than 5 days for kansas and i couldn't be happier. i'll be spending a week and a half in kansas and then a week in florida. and then my mom comes for a week! i can't wait for these couple of weeks to start. surrounding by friends and family. seeing 2 good friends get married. my dads birthday. spending my 23rd birthday with friends and family. spending a week away and relaxing with joshua.

i am so thankful that the Lord is providing me with this upcoming month.
lets do it.

"in all things we know that we are more than conquerors."

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  1. that last line is from one of my favorite songs. :) praying for you and Josh in this next adventure!