Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it's hard.

i am breaking breaking breaking over what is happening in haiti.
josh and i watch the news and we pray pray pray but there is just such a pain.

pain for what happened.
pain for what is happening.

i see the humanity of the news reporters when they break down and cry.
i see the humanity in them when i hear their tone change from standard news to frustration.

i know it's much bigger than what i can see but
why can't medical supplies get to those who need it??
my heart is breaking for all of these preventable deaths.

that article breaks my heart. but it's not just now. it's not just there.
for many years now, trafficking all over the world has ripped my heart into hundreds of pieces.

so many children around the world are bought and sold.
so many children around the world are left alone; orphaned.
so many rich westerners turn their eyes away because it's easier.

oh God that we would ACT according to what your WORD says.
let us not turn away but let us run into the heat of the battle and FIGHT for your children.

the Lord is gracious and slow to anger.
He hears all of those who call upon Him - He hears them and saves them.

we are hearing the Lord ask that oh so heart pounding question..
whom shall i send? who will go for me?
josh and i are answering send us.

we are praying. we are being stirred. we'll keep you updated.

i hope you're able to look beyond yourself today.
there is a world out there that is full of beauty.
sometimes it's a heartbreak but there is still so much beauty.


  1. Julie Julie Julie. How I miss you. I love your heart. You are...exquisite. I love how you love : ) Maybe one day we'll find ourselves in the same country at the same time...preferably not in the western hemisphere : )

  2. What a sweet blog - what an incredible heart!! I think I found your's through Natasha... I blog about Life as a Wife! We are newlyweds too :) Married 9.4.09! Blessings to you - I am your newest follower :)