Friday, August 21, 2009

aaaaand we're married!!

the past 2 weeks seem to have flown by but at the same time, our wonderful wedding seems like it was more than 2 weeks ago. so many things have happened in the past weeks. it's been good and overwhelming and crazy and good and uh, stressful [amongst other things].

the wedding was wonderful. just as i [the bride] had imagined it to look. josh looking dashing and he insists i was the most beautiful bride ever (: our bridal party and family was amazing. our photographer was fannntastic.


once we get the photo cd back, we'll have a whole post of pictures (:

it was so good to have so many of the people we love in the same room. sadly, many of josh friends and some of his family were unable to make it down to the wedding because canada is sooo far away. we're planning a little reception in the calgary area so we can see everyone there. should be a fun time. i want to meet some of his old friends!

2 days after the wedding, josh and i left for a week-ish in sunny florida.
the beach was wonderful.
the sun was bright.
the waves were good.
our hotel was great.
our skin got darker.
we didn't want to leave.
here are some pictures

08-10-09 thru 08-15-09

[the quality is weird on these but sorry. i don't feel like fixing it right now]

florida was super but when we returned, reality was knocking down our door.

immigration papers.
exporting the stratus to canada.
packing up my room.
writing thank you's before we left for canada [to save on postage]
seeing friends. saying good-bye to friends.
being with family.
changing my name at 100 different places.
thing after thing after thing

it's friday morning now and pretty much everything on that small list is done.

now i'm working on the attitude of my heart. i'm doing my best to invite the peace of the Lord into my heart but with all that is going on at once, it's a challenge. but i'm trying. i'm trying really really hard. yesterday afternoon, after much chaos and stress in my heart and mind, my wonderful husband looked me in the eye and asked me 'do you trust that God will take care of us?' what a good reality check that was because i do believe that God will take care of us. i believe that and i know it's true but i have been allowing lies and doubts to come in and get in the way of what's True. i'm ready to trust God...regardless of what it may look like 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years from now. whatever happens, josh and i need to be reminding ourselves that God has not forgotten us. we are still right there in His hand, being cared for and watched over.

we leave kansas monday morning, driving many hours to the middle of nowhere montana and spending the night. tuesday marks the day we have been waiting for and praying about for many months now. mid-day tuesday, we'll cross the border into canada. so many things are up in the air about this process but we are trusting that all will go well. dis regarding the small chance i may be denied entry, we press on believing that what God has been calling us to in the past months has not changed. by the love and grace of God, i will be allowed into canada and will start the process for permanent residency soon after. your prayers in this matter would mean more than i could ever explain.

i am off to write a few more thank you cards. only 9 more! i wish i could convey my thankfulness towards those that came in a more meaningful personal way. everyones love and support has made such a big impact in our life. but i guess that [unfortunately] for now, our cute thank you cards will have to do.

i'll keep you updated on what the next 4 days hold for josh and i.
as soon as i can, i'll update everyone about our border crossing.

oh and keep checking...we're hoping to photo/video blog our drive up there (:

"the Rock. His work is perfect, for all His ways are just;
a God of faithfulness and without injustice,righteous and upright is He."
deuteronomy 32.4

[golfing with my parents]

until next time...


  1. of course i love reading your stuff!!
    praying for you guys so much as you travel.

  2. love you... love your blog.

    can i link you on my sidebar?